Waikato Surgery - General Abdominal & Laparoscopic Surgery

The Waikato Surgery Team

We offer a comprehensive, supportive surgical service to people of the Waikato and greater midland region. All procedures are performed by the laparoscopic (keyhole) approach where appropriate by our experienced and dedicated surgeons.

Our Surgeons


David Schroeder - Laparoscopic Abdominal Surgeon, Waikato Surgery

David Schroeder
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Rowan French - General, Breast, Endocrine & Obesity Surgeon, Waikato Surgery

Rowan French
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Grant Christey - General, Hepatic & Trauma Surgeon, Waikato Surgery

Grant Christey
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Bernd Grunewald - Abdominal & Laparoscopic Surgeon, Waikato Surgery

Bernd Grunewald
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Our Health Professionals


Andrea Schroeder - Bariatric Program Co-Ordinator, Surgical Obesity Service

Andrea Schroeder
Registered Nurse

Carol Reason - Obesity Consultant / Nurse, Surgical Obesity Service

Carol Reason
Registered Nurse

Georgina Pattullo - Dietitian, Surgical Obesity Service

Georgina Pattullo

Our Administration Staff



Surgical Obesity Administration Team

Mandy Vasea

Surgical Obesity Administration Team

Amanda Baird



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